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Abay Ethiopian Cuisine

130 S. Highland Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15206

Thank you, Abay Customers, for your continued support over the years! Abay Ethiopian Cuisine is now closed for good, effective June 30, 2013. As we announced via Facebook on June 6, 2013, were tired. Nine years is a long time to operate a restaurant and its exhausting work. But we would LOVE to see Abay continue and prosper, just with someone else at the helm.

If you are interested in buying Abay and continuing it in another location (other than 130 South Highland Avenue), please contact us at

The purchase of Abay would include all of the recipes, systems for doing things, restaurant furnishings, equipment, artwork, and suppliers, as well as us training and guiding you along the way. Heck, were pretty sure that some of the former Abay employees would be interested in working for you, too. Abay was a funky and awesome place, and the brand means something to a lot of people. Send us an email if you think that you are the one to keep it going!