Fake anti-spyware programs: are you at the risk

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One cannot ignore the activities of a malicious software on a computer. Malicious software can slow down processes, making life uneasy for the operator of the computer. Not only does the presence of a malicious software inconveniences your work, it also makes you lose trust in your computer in that it is not wise to put in sensitive information into an already infected computer. Other redundancies that may come with the presence of an infected computer are the loss of data, irregular activities of browser and other software could lead to time wasted, and so a malicious software could eventually brick (damage beyond repair) your computer.

Hence, it is imperative to get antimalware that would help protect your computer. Antimalware are created to help a computer owner to protect the computer from computer health risk. A good antimalware should monitor your device continuously 24/7 against security attacks that can be found on the internet. This software should in no way have an adverse effect on the security of the computer, instead, it should always be a guard against threats and viruses. But today, cybercriminals have found a way to make clones of genuine anti-malware and uploaded them to the internet for the consumption of the general public. Sometimes it may not be cloned, some cyber criminals may even develop an antivirus that looks genuine that would produce their desired results.

What results would a hacker want from creating a fake antivirus?

  1. Ignorance:

The hackers know that most people would not bother to routinely check the security status of their computer after downloading and installing an antivirus. The popular belief of antimalware consumers is that they are completely covered by the software and so they need not worry. Hence, the cybercriminal would leverage on the school of thought and ensure the antivirus appears to be running in the background, even give notifications if it may, but the other side that the user is ignorant of is that the software downloaded is actually reporting every activity you perform on your computer to its develop.

  1. Trust:

Some consumers trust in the antivirus software so much that whatever recommendation the software gives to help protect their computer, they are willing to follow. Even if it is to pay to download another software. Knowing this, hackers use the antivirus software to get private information from the unsuspecting victim by putting up a notification through the antivirus software and recommending a “Best solution” that would involve purchasing another software. Once the victim agrees to this solution and enters his credit card details, the information gotten would be saved on the hacker’s database, leaving the victim at his mercy.

  1. Entry:

The best way to gain entry into a private computer is by installing a software that has a Trojan horse virus embedded in it. A Trojan horse virus is one that looks like a legitimate software on the surface but its true intent is to mislead individuals into downloading a virus into their computer. The term Trojan is derived from the Ancient Greek account of the invasion of the city of Troy by stealth, where the Greek gave the people of troy a piece offering of a wooden horse that had soldiers hidden within it. When the soldiers of troy slept, the soldiers in the wooden horse came out and killed every single one of the Troy men. This method is an easier way of hacking into a computer even when the victim is not on the same network as you are. That is why it is the choice of cyber criminals.

How do I stay safe?

It is getting increasingly difficult to differentiate between the original genuine antispyware and the fake infected ones. Especially if you are one who is looking to download the free versions of the software on the internet. Knowing this I have been able to compile a list of the fake antispyware found on the internet, there is still more fake software that could be found the internet, the list below shows the few I have had contact recently:


  • Anti-virus Security Pro
  • Adware Hitman
  • Adware Pro
  • AdWare Pro 2009
  • AntiMalware Suite
  • AntiWorm2008
  • Core security
  • Easy spyware cleaner
  • Essential cleaner
  • PAL Spyware Remover
  • Spy Sheriff
  • World AntiSpy

The best way to protect yourself from this malicious software that acts as spyware is to avoid downloading from unverified websites. Even the genuine software can be cloned for the use of a cyber criminal, hence the best website to download any software is from the manufacturer website itself. You can stay rest assured that your software would not do your computer harm.